Other Services

Our other services ends the beauty checklist, defining the overall beauty package from the finest details. From hair removal to under-arm whitening etc., we ensure that no part of your body is neglected in any way at the expense of the conventional beauty methods. Each service is provided for with well-trained consultants and professional products and machineries.

Hair removal

It is always a chore to deal with unwanted body hair. Especial Beaute offers a hassle-free experience with hair removal services from OPT treatment to waxing. Our pleasant consultants will ensure each visit to be a fast, pleasant and safe experience. Improvements are noticed by most clients after the first few treatments, with noticeably less hair and slower regrowth.

Under-arm Whitening

For many people, dark underarms can be a source of embarrassment. Darker underarm skin can keep some people from dressing in sleeveless tops. Perhaps the most common issue among some women, we strive to improve the appearance of dark underarms most often caused by pigmentation. This safe treatment is non-invasive and visible results are seen in a few sessions with minimal downtime and no discomfort.

Eyelash extension and Perming

Your one-stop solution to avoid eyelash curlers and mascara. Our consultants will advise the suitable options between extending or perming according to your lashes. Lash extensions are among the best ways to make your eyes look younger with longer eyelashes. For lash perm, we use a product to curl and lift the base of your natural lashes, giving you the perfect natural look.

Head Sculpting

Head sculpting, commonly known as gua sha, can eliminate fluid build-up, which can in turn reduce puffiness. It relieves tension from muscles by applying pressure with a gua sha jade tool to untangle knotted areas and release built-up muscular tension. This is especially suitable for people with weak immune systems because it helps purge non-circulating blood and toxins from the body.